Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Water Is Wide: Chapter 7 & 8

“She isn’t talking to me, but she is talking about you and it hurts me to see you get your feelings hurt. You may not believe me yet. You may not trust me yet. But you can **** well believe that it pisses me off to hear Mrs. Brown talk to you like that”.
      Mrs. Brown speaks to the children on the Yamacraw Island like she owns them so it gives her the right to do so. She speaks to them as if they are beneath her when she is black herself. Instead of making them feel bad and beating them for everything wrong thing they do she should want them to have a better life. Conroy can’t stand the way that she speaks to these children because they have heard it for so long that they are starting to believe the things she says. She just busts into the classroom and goes off on the students because they haven’t brushed their teeth. The students are scared of her and refuse to talk to her. I think that if she changed the way that she approached situations she would get positive responses from the students. Conroy talks to them as if that actually matter and what they have to say means something to him. Also in the reading Conroy was faced with some obstacles. He decided to commute back and forth to the island and this caused some problems with the administrative staff. They didn’t feel it was their place to pay for the gas and upkeep of the boat but in the end they compromised with Conroy. They should have been more understanding of this decision because he has taken a position that no one wanted to make sure that these students receive an education. He is the only one that obviously cares about them and the least they could do was meet this simple request.


  1. I loved the quote, and it really shows that the students are getting a little more comfortable with Conroy. The students being able to talk to Conroy about how much they hate Mrs. Brown makes me think they are starting to think of him more as a friend and mentor. I can’t believe the way Mrs. Brown talks to these students. Mrs. Brown shows her personality even more when Conroy is not happy with the decision of the school board she is only concerned about the interest of herself. A good principal would have stud by their teacher especially when they know how hard it is to get teachers in their school.

  2. It's a very important quote, I think. I mean, this is where Conroy finally starts to show them that he's seeing what they see... really seeing it.